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Brooks Wilson's Economics Blog: A 4-Year-Old Boy Battles Texas School Over Hair

Thursday, December 17, 2009

A 4-Year-Old Boy Battles Texas School Over Hair

A reader from California informed me about a story of a four-year-old who is in in-school suspension because he does not want to get a hair cut. He likes his hair long, his parents won't force him to get his hair cut and the school is applying their conservative standard which is probably acceptable to or liked by 90% of the parents. A short video of the AP story, "Texas parents battle school over son's long locks," is carried by Yahoo!News.

I don't think that the problem is the boy, the parents or the school. It is public funding of schools and not students. The parents could put their son in a private school, but they must do it after paying taxes to support the public schools. In essence, they are paying twice.

If the student was funded, the parents could withdraw him from the public school and place him in a private school that allowed long hair. Schools would be forced to compete for students. Reasonable expectations of students and higher teaching standards would emerge through competition.

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