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Brooks Wilson's Economics Blog: An Indirect Comment from Royal Caribbean

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

An Indirect Comment from Royal Caribbean

I received this comment from Kimberly who names her link to Royal Caribbean and thought it important enough to highlight by posting it to the main page.  She appropriately links to the donation page of Food for the Poor. 
This is Kimmy from M80, a marketing agency working with Royal Caribbean. In light of Tuesday’s earthquake in Haiti, Royal Caribbean is providing various relief efforts to the region. They have teamed up with Food For The Poor, a relief organization that provides direct assistance throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. Anyone interested in assisting can make a donation, Food for the Poor.  For regular updates on Royal Caribbean’s humanitarian relief efforts, you can visit President and CEO, Adam Goldstein’s blog: Why Not?.  Thank you.
In part, Goldstein writes,
My view is this — it isn’t better to replace a visit to Labadee (or for that matter, to stay on the ship while it’s docked in Labadee) with a visit to another destination for a vacation. Why? Because being on the island and generating economic activity for the straw market vendors, the hair-braiders and our 230 employees helps with relief while being somewhere else does not help. These 500 people are going to need to support a much larger network of family and friends, including many who are in (or are missing in) the earthquake zone. Also, the north is going to bear a good part of the burden of the agony of the south, and the more economic support there is to the north, the better able the north will be to bear this burden. People enjoying themselves is what we do. People enjoying themselves in Labadee helps with relief. We support our guests who choose to help in this way which is consistent with our nearly 30 year history in Haiti.
Goldstein has good economic insights. 
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