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Brooks Wilson's Economics Blog: Products for Your Protection!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Products for Your Protection!

At times, the ability of a good to protect us is a significant determinant of demand.  This posts describes two potective products.  The linked story and video, "Bogota's bulletproof tailor," was produced by VBS.TV's Ryan Duffy and is found at CNN World.  I wish we lived in a world in which such products were not need, but now I am sounding like a Miss. America contestant.  Duffy introduces his story.
Brooklyn, New York (VBS.TV) -- Colombian tailor Miguel Caballero specializes in making garments that enable the wearer to get shot at point-blank range with nary an injury besides, maybe, a bruised ego. At-high-risk-of-catching-a-bullet demographics, such as rappers and politicians all over the world, rely on Miguel's handiwork. And, lucky me, when I was recently in Bogota for VBS.TV covering a few stories, I had the chance to visit Miguel's shop, learn about his protective clothing, and get shot in the gut by him. Seriously.
A second product is described in an ABC News video about "protecting the boys" with the Nutty Buddy.  The product's theme song is "Hit me with Your Best Shoot."  Follow the link to an ABC News story.  Will the Nutty Buddy replace the traditional cup? 
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  1. I think that in certain areas there is more of a need for special safety equipment. The "nutty buddy" is going to serve major league baseball players well. They will feel more confident they will be more protected making them play at a higher level. As for the protective shirt, famous people will be lined up to get something that will protect them if they feel in danger. If only Tupac had one back in the day.

    Jordan Kelley

  2. Kristina Vlajnic23/2/10 8:19 PM

    I think this is interesting. I think the protective shirt could definitely be helpful for the FBI and law enforcers. They're jobs get pretty dangerous and a shirt like that could very well save many lives. Also, I'm sure that the "nutty buddy" will come in handy for a lot of sports players.

  3. I think that Miguel Caballero is a very clever man. I love how he took the idea of a bulletproof vest and turning it in to something more. I would have never thought of taking bulletproof gear and putting it with style. Such things as bulletproof ties, blazers, overcoats, and so forth will defiantly be utilized, especially for those who are at risk like the President and Pope.

    Andrea Garza

  4. I like Miguel Caballeros idea. Many people need bulletproof vests to protect themselves from danger. His idea might save many lives in the future. Im not to sure of the Nutty Buddy. It doesnt really grab my attention as much as the bulletproof clothing, maybe because Im a girl.

    Janie Perez