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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A graphic from a reader Recession Proof - 10 Hot Careers
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  1. It is pretty easy to see why some jobs are going away and others are growing stronger. There is what I call the "new guy" in town. Around 2000 I was talking to a guy and he was explaining to me that even the company I worked for would have what he called temporary employees. I thought he was crazy!!!! I had no idea that within a year Weyerhaueser would have at the very least 50 employees working side by side with me that were not permanant employees.They were temps doing our jobs and our jobs were being doubled up where one of us would have added responsiblities to the point that we were eliminating positions including our own.Between using temporary employees and spending money on R&D to eliminate jobs it took a devistating hit on the job market. I think this was about the time where things started changing. Manufacturing got where they relied on the techy people to help inovate the machines therefore it is my opinion that those jobs became a lot more popular. Manufacturing of course those jobs became a lot more scarce using temps instead of full time help. The idea was mainly to eliminate the benefit package that most companies give as part of your pay for a full time employee. Most companies pay for peoples insurance and most temps don't have any sort of benefit package. Makes it a lot easier to see why so many manufacturing jobs were eliminated and the techy positions became more popular.

  2. It's obvious we need federal subsidies for employees.

  3. Calin O. Baban said...

    I believe the manufacturing job sector lost millions of jobs over the last decade. Economists however, think that is healthy for the economy in the long run. The idea is that people displaced from the manufacturing jobs will retrain and find jobs in the service and technology sector where supposedly new jobs were added. The only problem with these sectors is that many of the jobs added pay less and have lesser benefits.

  4. Kristen Kelly
    It is no surprise at all that with the increasing capabilities of technology that many jobs are becoming extinct while other job markets begin to increase. With the largest generation as baby boomers it is no surprise that the job markets in the service sector and healthcare are growing. Many company's have already sought out different sources for manufacturing. Several years ago Zebco, a leading company in the fishing industry outsourced their manufacturing from their home office in Tulsa, Ok to a production plant in China. This is becoming very common in today's economy. Although this causes job loss in the States it is forging alliances with other countries, giving the U.S. access to their society, cultures, and economies. Advances in technology will continue and more jobs will continue to dwindle while other jobs develop. The job market is ever-changing. As laborers of the market I feel it is our responsibility to adapt and change to these advances. I also feel it is the responsibility of state governments to help individuals who are displaced from jobs to retrain for the other growing job markets.