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Brooks Wilson's Economics Blog: E-Books: A Market Innovation

Sunday, August 8, 2010

E-Books: A Market Innovation

E-book sales are currently 8% of the book market but are projected to rise to 20 to 25% of the market in 2012 Jeffery A. Trachtenberg writes for the Wall Street Journal in "Mass Paperback Publisher Goes All Digital."  The article relates the travails of Dorchester Publishing Inc., which publishes most romance novels.  The company's book unit has lost 25% of books sales in one year and will be making its books digital only with print on demand. 

I recently purchased my first e-reader.  I enjoyed the reading experience.  There is no hump near the binding; the entire page is flat.  I love the prospect of buying more than a thousand books that take up about the same space of a fifty page pamphlet.  I have found book marking and moving through pages somewhat awkward.  Perhaps it is my age, but I would still prefer a hard copy of any technical material.  I just haven't figured out how to make notes in the margins of my e-books. 

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