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Brooks Wilson's Economics Blog: Sue Your Spouse's Lover?

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sue Your Spouse's Lover?

Fantasia Barrino, an American idol winner, is named as the "other woman" in a divorce case in North Carolina where a spouse can sue a third party for alienation of affection.  Barrino has not been sued but in North Carolina the wife does not need to prove adultery, although there is a sex video, but she does need to prove alienation of affection.  The husband will claim that there was no affection.  In "Fantasia Barrino Allegedly Has a Sextape Video with a Married Man...Could It Cost Her Millions?," Meg G. sums up her thoughts about the North Carolina law permitting spouse to sue third parties for adultery.

...maybe the world would be a better place if there were more laws such as these laws from NC. Maybe people would think twice about going behind their spouses back, and maybe people would think twice before having an affair with a married individual. As such, the nature of the human race won't likely change - but at least there would be harsher consequences.

I agree with Meg G. that maybe such laws would cause a husband, wife, or their potential lovers to think twice before having an affair.  After all, people respond to incentives.  I also agree that human nature probably won't change.  That is exactly why such contracts exist, to provide incentive for people to act in socially beneficial ways. 

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  1. Jessica Sawyer4/9/10 5:43 PM

    I agree with Meg G. that laws like this one would not change human nature. A law will not make one's feelings for a married individual, or a married individual's feeling for someone other than their spouse, just disappear. However, I also agree that people will respond to this and think again before they have an affair. I think such laws could benefit society.