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Brooks Wilson's Economics Blog: Cut the First Lady’s Staff

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Cut the First Lady’s Staff

I know a good place to cut the budget.  It is with the first lady’s staff.  Please don’t interpret my opinion on a particular dislike of Michelle Obama or any other first lady.  As an aside, I do not like the title of First Lady of the United States.  Because they are not elected, I prefer Mrs. Obama, Mrs. Bush, etc.  According to (“Mixture of True and False Information”), Mrs. Obama has 23 or 24 staffers assisting her, approximately the same number as Laura Bush and significantly less than Betty Ford, Lady Bird Johnson or Jacqueline Kennedy.  Four should be more than enough.  The Congress should also cut all funds to support pet projects of the presidents’ wives.  


  1. Morgan Heeke3/7/11 11:10 PM

    I completely agree. I don't want this to come off as I do not like Obama, but when your husband is so involved in budget cuts, you should follow along and cut some of your staff. I also agree that Congress should cut funds to pet projects of the presidents' wives. Our economy and the well-being of the American population is more important than the animals of the presidents' families. I support giving the title of First Lady to the president's wife. It gives distinction to a woman in power and a role model for American women.

  2. Brittney Eskew

    I have to agree 100%. Why is it necessary to have over 20 staff members for one woman? Michelle Obama's staff has a combined salary of well over 1 million dollars. In todays economy, I personally feel there are plenty of other things the United States could spend that amount of money on. The First Lady should have a staff, but nowhere near a staff of 24.