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Brooks Wilson's Economics Blog: Yertle on Circumcision

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Yertle on Circumcision

When I write against an opinion presented in a blog or news article I try to sick to the issue and avoid name calling.  I do make an exception for those who would make their private opinions law without a compelling cause.  They are a pack of Yertles who, unsatisfied with being king of the pond, force their opinions on others through law.

MGM Bill (Male Genital Mutilation Bill) is currently stacking turtles to expand their importance.  They recently made the news by introducing a ballot initiative in Santa Monica that would outlaw circumcision but that is not their only effort.  They have introduced similar initiatives in other cities and are attempting to introduce legislation that would outlaw circumcision at the state and national level as well (“Ban on Circumcision Could Become Law in Santa Monica,” “Male circumcision opponents propose ballot measure in Santa Monica”).  If their arguments are good, let them persuade others to not to circumcise their male children.  If they are not good enough to persuade they should accept that others should be free to make decisions that they believe are in the best interest of their male children.

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