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Brooks Wilson's Economics Blog: EconTalk: Brady on Health Care Reform

Monday, August 24, 2009

EconTalk: Brady on Health Care Reform

Russ Roberts interviews David Brady on "Health Care Reform, Public Opinion, and Party Politics."  The discussion involves more political science than economics but was interesting and would be enjoyed by many economics students.  Using contingent valuation, Brady finds that voters desire health care reform but are unwilling to pay for it.  In this sense, they vote their pocketbooks.  He also finds that people who do not pay income taxes favor reform, and those who do pay income taxes oppose reform.  I seems this a dismal but believable finding.
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  1. Everyone has an opinion on healthcare reform. I think that if you do not pay any taxes you are not entitled to have an opinion. I also believe that people do not want to conform to anything that will cost them money, rich or poor. More people would want healthcare reforms and tax breaks if the entire nation as a whole could understand what it actually meant and the outcome it would achieve. Anyone can say let's save money by.... and not ever know what is actually being done nor the outcome it has once it has been put into place. There are alot of people who do not keep up with what is going on when it comes to government, nor understand how a new ploicy could help all not just a few. I think as a government we lack ways of communication and getting our nation more involved and in the know.