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Brooks Wilson's Economics Blog: Protection Anyone?

Friday, August 21, 2009

Protection Anyone?

With all the moral problems of pornography, who would have thought that the biggest complaint would be that the actors don't use condoms?  Shaya Tayefe Mohajer, of the AP writes in "Porn makers challenged for not mandating condoms," that
An AIDS advocacy group filed complaints with state officials against 16 production companies that show unprotected sex in porn movies.

The AIDS Healthcare Foundation filed the action Thursday with the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health, alleging the practice amounts to unsafe behavior in a California workplace.

"We will not stop until there is a policy of requiring condoms to be used in porn," foundation president Michael Weinstein said.

By law, U.S. adult film actors must prove they have tested negative for HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases within 30 days of going to work on a film...

Weinstein said AIDS could be spread through the on-camera behavior and noted that many people get their sex education from porn movies.

Watching unprotected sex could prompt them to be careless during sex acts, he said.
Why don't actors use condoms?
Hustler publisher Larry Flynt told The Associated Press, "people who enjoy viewing adult films do not want to see people using condoms."

"While it might provide some additional protection, the sales are not going to be there to make the effort worthwhile for the actors and actresses," he said...

Former porn actress Jan Meza said she asked about the use of condoms when she first started appearing in adult films in 2006.

"I was told that I would never get work again," said Meza, who later contracted herpes...
Why has the state of California done nothing?
Weinstein said no state legislators have agreed to sponsor the group's proposal to mandate condoms in porn movies.

Hirsch [of Vivid Entertainment] said the adult film industry would likely leave California if the use of condoms became mandatory.


  1. Julisa Bean20/1/11 11:01 PM

    Well I find this topic quite interesting. Its funny how they are trying to stop the porn industry from taping porn without the use of a condom instead of trying to get the porn industry shut down completely. It was mentioned that a lot of people get sex educated from watching porn, which I will asume is true since a high number of people watch porn. This could be a key factor to mention if someone would actually try and shut down the porn industry. If porn did not exist the pressure for teens to have sex would not be as high. Because the ones that are doing all the pressuring would no doubt be boys who watch porn and see all those naked women. So they go and pressure these young girls to have sex and do things that real sex doesnt even involve. This causes unwanted pregnacies, heartache and STD'S. The reality is that no, the porn industry is not going to start using condoms in their films and the only solution to this problem is that the porn industry be shut down completely.

  2. Montrelle Mathews23/8/11 12:28 PM

    Freedom to choose or not. True it is dangerous to have unprotected sex but it is also a choice. In the movies they show it as being fun and exciting to have sex unprotected. Just like mulitiple sex partners can also be accepted. Even if the states made it mandatory to show condom use in film. People in society will make there own decisions many time with every warning out there the sex will be unprotected and that is due to the thrill,rush,feeling one would get. You have to be able to make the choice to strap it up or you run the risk.